Three ways how video helps your business  

Online marketing has made a huge shift. Images and texts made place for effective videos on websites and social media. Here are three ways how video can help your business.

Free New Year’s Resolution worksheet

Download this free worksheet with hand lettering to determinate your New Year’s resolutions for 2017. Grab it, it’s free!

Have a great christmas!

Have a wonderful christmas! Enjoy!

How I Designed a unique business card

Networking equals sharing business cards. Your card is your statement, your first impression and your physical ground in a digital world.  A good design embodies all of these elements. But how do you  translate a client brief into a memorable collectible?

From client brief to solid concept

The example I will use in this article, is a brief I got from a befriended kinesitherapist in Belgium (België). He asked me to ‘create a business card that was sportive and contained a piece of the human body’. I searched for inspiration in motion design and concept art. Sports brands such as Nike and Adidas became a big source of inspiration. After some research I collected images that inspired me, such as the

How to remove a leg (with VFX)

Ever needed a severed leg in a video? I did. The problem was: my actor had both legs still in tact … Cutting off one of his legs seemed to be impossible. That is why I came up with a method to remove his leg in post production by using visual effects, Blender 3D, PhotoShop and Adobe After Effects. This article contains my process of digitally removing a leg, as seen in this screen grab:

Sexologist Logo Design


Kim recently started as a sexologist at a psychologists practice. In need of a logo to put on her business card and website, she approached me. Read more about the proces behind this project.